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Our Product Range is known to be the most extensive available in the market today. With capacities ranging from 3/4 tons (or 9,000 BTUs) for ductless mini split systems for cooling and heating applications, to as high as 5 tons (or 60,000 BTUs) for ducted split air conditioners and heat pumps and large variety of other sophisticated HVAC systems. Our products and equipment are made to be suitable for an almost infinite variety of solutions, in domestic, commercial and even applications.

In short, our clients can enjoy a product range from the most simplistic solutions, such as mini split ductless equipment, to the most sophisticated ones which can even be custom designed based on specific requirements.


As we believe, the most important aspect in the choice for equipment are quality and efficiency and we take pride in our products, having a very high reputation in both these areas. We have undertaken all necessary measures in every step of manufacturing and design processes for quality assurance, reliability and durability. Our factories follow strict ISO guidelines and other worldwide accepted standards. Every product is subjected to thorough testing in highly advanced laboratories in their development stages to assure they can handle the operational pressures of the world’s harshest environmental conditions without a glitch. Additionally, no matter how small it is, one random sample from each batch is vigorously tested for every single batch of units manufactured as a precaution to avoid human errors and component specific defects. Quality is always number one priority and our proud record proves that every day.


We are a part of a big and proud family of a successful distribution network throughout the world. Every one of our dealers and distributors are considered as an integral part of our family, well versed in their fields, providing the utmost service with high reliability and best pricing. Most of our product range is available from dealer stock or can be delivered quickly from strategically located distribution centers or factories. Our distributor network employs highly trained engineering and service staff, and stock all necessary spare parts in their inventories. Additionally, our headquarters office is always available to answer any technical questions and ship any needed spare part to anywhere in the world, should that becomes necessary.


Since we started with manufacturing some of our equipment in the USA in the beginning years, we have expanded our manufacturing base onto several other countries in Asia. Currently, our product range is produced in several professional factories located through the globe, depending on the product group. Our clientele have always been welcomed to visit our manufacturing bases for furthering their knowledge of our products and capabilities.


In our field of business, we have been known to create the ideas which others usually follow. During our successful existence, we have been the leaders of development in many new technologies, ideas, products and marketing applications. Unlike some competitors, which prefer to copy others’ products or services, we continually strive to bring new or highly enhanced products to the sophisticated world markets. Many others have attempted to copy our brands and products, yet failed one after another. Today, the world consumer is well educated to differentiate between a badly made copy and a top quality original.


From the component selection to manufacturing processes and technologies, we always utilize methods and procedures to avoid any harm to our environment. We think and evaluate every process for its ecological parameters. The durability, serviceability and therefore the extended life expectancy of our products, are known to be important factors in protecting the environmental waste. We also use sophisticated technologies in preventing leakages and component failures. All components are selected after going through vigorous testing for their environmental impact and hazardous substance content. Where applicable, our products comply with RoHS and other environmental regulations. Additionally, we have started using the new environmentally friendly refrigerants such as R407c and R410a extensively in our production.


Our corporate Marketing Mission, which has been the factor behind our impressive success is based on our strict adherence to the worldwide accepted marketing rules, called the “Five P's" of Marketing:

Product: (Functionality, Appearance, Quality, Packaging, Brand, Warranty, Service/Support)
We see the product as the physical product or service we offer to an end consumer. The word “physical products” also refers to any services or conveniences that are part of the offering. We realize the product decisions include aspects such as function, appearance, packaging, service, warranty, etc. We first identify the order of preferences, in which the consumers are basing their decisions upon and provide complete solutions in response.

Price: (List price, Discounts, Allowances, Financing options)
Pricing includes not only the list price, but also discounts, financing, and other options. We know and appreciate the consumers can easily shop around for competitive pricing and features. Our pricing should be competitive, yet still allow our business to turn a profit. While we always keep our pricing at lowest possible levels, we find ways to create values. We always justify our pricing by spelling out what customers get. We believe a low price shouldn't be the only competitive edge our products have. While the price does motivate customers to buy, we do not forget to back it up with features and value and assure the price is the only thing that entices our customers.

Promotion: (Advertising, Personal selling, Public relations, Message, Media, Budget)
Promotion decisions are those related to communicating and selling to potential consumers. Promotion decisions involve advertising, public relations, media types, etc. We motivate our customers to positive action by adding call to action statements throughout our marketing. Testimonials and customer statements about the value of the product are great support. We provide case studies as a good way to demonstrate how our products produce results or solutions in a variety of situations. We also offer many value-added services.

People: (Service, Appearance, Training/Education, Attitude)
People decisions are those related to customer service. The function of the people to present a company well greatly depends on their knowledge and professionalism as well as appearance and attitude, etc. We strive to provide the best customer service not only at our corporate offices but also throughout our distribution and dealer networks. We employ highly trained people that are always happy with themselves and for being a part of our family.

Place: (Channel members, Channel motivation, Market coverage, Locations, Logistics, Service levels)
Place (or placement) decisions are those associated with channels of distribution that serve as the means for getting the product to the target customers. The distribution system performs transactional, logistical, and facilitating functions. Distribution decisions include market coverage, channel member selection, logistics, and levels of service. Our wide worldwide network of dealers and distributors stock most of our equipment and their needed spares and accessories for further service. We also look at the distribution beyond product delivery. The distribution of our product goes beyond just getting the product to our customers. We do not forget to make it easy for them to not only receive the product, but also use and have it easily serviced and or questions answered when necessary. As most our products require assembly or installation, we also provide clear concise instructions and highly trained mechanics with local knowledge.

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