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Multi Zone Split Inverter System OUTDOOR (Condenser) SECTIONS

Multi Zone Split Inverter System OUTDOOR (Condenser) SECTIONS

Inverter++ Variable Speed Multi Split Systems we offer are available in a mix and match fashion and fully user selectable and customizable. To purchase a multi split system, first determine the outdoor unit required among the 4 kinds of outdoor units we offer as follows:

a. Dual (2) Zone Outdoor Unit with 4,197~19,900 BTU Variable Capacity (Can support 1 or 2 indoor units, Min. / Max. Total: 12,000~24,000 BTU)

b. Triple (3) Zone Outdoor Unit with 6,630~30,600 BTU Variable Capacity (Can support 2 or 3 indoor units, Min. / Max. Total: 18,000~36,000 BTU)

c. Quad (4 Zone Outdoor Unit with 8,190~38,500 BTU Variable Capacity (Can support 2, 3 or 4 indoor units, Min. / Max. Total: 24,000~48,000 BTU)

d. Quint (5) Zone Outdoor Unit with 9,650~53,500 BTU Variable Capacity (Can support 2, 3, 4 or 5 indoor units, Min. / Max. Total: 32,000~64,000 BTU)

Total capacity of all indoor units attached should be within the Min. and Max range written above.

Not all circuits available on an outdoor units need to be utilized entirely. Some may be kept sealed without an attached indoor unit.

Matching indoor units are available in 5 different styles and 4 different capacities; 9,000 BTU, 12,000 BTU, 18,000 BTU and 24,000 BTU. One 16 foot long piping kit set is provided with every indoor unit purchased and each piping kit can be individually upgraded to other lengths as needed.

Please select the outdoor unit first and add to your shopping cart, than continue by selecting the desired matching indoor units and add them to your shopping cart (ONE AT A TIME). Select the matching piping kit for each indoor unit before adding to cart. Every order placed is first checked by our engineering and if there are any errors we will contact you and work with you to reselect for a correct matchup. Please call us or use our online MATCHING CHART to help you select the right grouping of indoor units.

See the bottom of this page and select your outdoor unit first. Once the outdoor unit is added to your shopping cart, click on the below link to select the available INDOOR UNITS to add to your shopping cart.

Multi Split System Indoor Units Multi Split DC Inverter++ Matching INDOOR SECTIONS Page

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